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  • What’s inspiring me?

    Traveling the Philippines has inspired me a lot. Since 1984, I have travelled the Philippine islands a dozen times

    Some time ago, I have been asked about what’s inspiring me? I had mentioned only two important books that really influenced me during the last years. One is Murakami’s book about running and the other one is Covey’s 7 Habits. But then I had to think about a few other things that keep on inspiring me, and since I think that it is 1.) important to know about one’s sources of inspiration and 2.) important to get as much inspiration as possible, I decided to write a longer article about it. Maybe not only for me but also to inspire other people.

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  • After the earthquake

    First I want to say: I am fine! Thanks to all my friends who were worrying about me after they had heard about the earthquake(s) yesterday here in Bohol. The aftershocks are still going on, and while I am writing this article, I feel them every now and then. The main earthquake was quite strong […]

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  • Swim, bike, run in the Philippines: new personal best time in Dipolog City

    During the last weeks, my life consisted mainly of travelling and meeting a lot of interesting people on my tours, webworking and doing lots of sports: swimming, biking, snorkelling, diving and running as preparation for several triathlons. Yesterday, I was able to finish the Dipolog Centennial Triathlon in 2:49:09h which marks my new personal best […]