Internet marketing blogs I love to read

Exactly one year ago, I started with this blog writing in a foreign language which is not as easy as blogging in my mother tongue. So far, I was not able to write as many posts as I wanted to, but sometimes I prefer to read other blogs than writing in my own ones.

The least thing I could do is linking to some blogs I really love(d) to read. One of them would be written bei “Maki”, a student of philosophy who is probably one of the greatest internet marketeers out there; but all of a sudden, his domain is not accessible anymore. His well researched articles were followed by some 10 000 feed-readers, and I guess many of them are as sad as I am that doshdosh is offline now. Hopefully, we gonna read some more stuff by Maki.

Another great blogger I recently started reading is Brian Gardner. His wordpress themes are awesome, and I can only recommend to use his great designs to run a blog. His latest blogpost is “5 elements to building a successful blog” – a topic which is also important to me, working part-time in the wide field of internet marketing and running some niche-blogs.

When I find some time to read even more blogs, I would find me losing myself in the well written blogposts of seomoz. This would be one of the most important sources for people working in search engine marketing / search engine optimization (seo). Unbelievable how much useful content they are providing.

I hope that I can make time to write a bit more during the next year, apart from writing my final thesis for my university course of historical sciences and philosophy here at the LMU in Munich. As time will pass by, future will show if I am going even deeper into internet marketing or if I will rather walk an academic way at university:).

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