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Today, I want to find some words about simplifying ones life. Some weeks ago, my attention was somehow shifted towards the so-called “minimalism”; it seems to me like a new trend, and the “zenhabits” are taken over by more and more inspired readers. I like the idea of getting rid of things which are rather a burden to life; but I don´t know if i like it to brag about that.

Not to be misunderstood: i really appriciate the approach of “gurus” like Leo Babauta” who is the original author of the blog “zenhabits” which is a real authority in the internet concerning that topic. But there are many people nowadays who want to follow in his footsteps in a rather “cheap” way, just to get a share of the fast-growing minimalism-market.

However, our world needs people who are sharing their wonderful thoughts on simplifying life, solving issues and showing new ways how to get more out of the moment. Too many materialistic things are gathered around us, attracting our attention, away from more important things.

For instance: I really love good conversations with friends. But I really dislike friends who are reaching for their new smartphone every five minutes while talking to me about initially interesting things. It could be so easy to switch off that tool for only some minutes and have a much better conversation, with full concentration towards the words and thoughts of a friend.

Another example: I found myself concentrating on my GPS-watch while practicing for the next marathon here in Munich coming October 2011, rather than just running and focus on the great feeling to run in nature and being happy about the fact that I can make time to do sports whenever I want. Sure, sometimes it is good to have a GPS-watch as substitute for a personal trainer; but I guess in most cases, i.e. during the most runs, there is no need to bring that watch and pay attention to the many numbers on the computer.

It would be much better to simplify the habit of running and just focus on the next steps in front of you. Listen to nature and feel the body moving.

Human beings are rather animals who want to collect as many things as possible. But with the help of our educated minds and a trained will, we might be able to put that habit into question. Every time we place a new thing in our evironment, we have to put ourselves in a certain relation to that thing. It will get our attention, if we want it or not, might sometimes inspire us or disturb us on the other hand.

I also started to end my relationship with a lot of things I don´t really want to focus on and give time to. But there are unbelievably many things I collected during the last years. It might take a lot of time to simplify my life even more; but I am happy that I already started to just do it.

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  2. angelita says:

    hi john, i feel obliged to comment on your articles over the philippine tours as i am simply very pleased that someone from munich is interested to really learn about “land & leute” and about his own roots from the philippines. i wish my daughter would do that someday too. there are not many like you. i come from batangas but have been living in europe (germany mainly, spain & switzerland) the last 30 years. congratulations to your decision, carry on and god bless U.
    i hope you would have enough time to travel and know other parts of the philippines, too.
    all the best, angelita.

  3. John says:

    Hi Angelita,

    thx for your comment:D Just tell your daughter about our website and she might also want to travel the Philippines and get to know more about here other home. Actually, we are getting more and more mestizos who want to really travel the country and we are always happy to help people to get in touch with that wonderful country.

    I will do my best to travel also Mindoro, Samar, and Batangas as well. There ist just so much to discover, and I am not even close to having visited all of the 7107 islands here;)

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